Comfort foods!

So... When you've had a rough week and the weather isn't so great what more do you need than some comfort food!  Lol.  So most folks from Minnesota are well aware of tater tot hot dish.  For those not from MN... Hot dish = casserole.   Somehow it came up in conversation with a friend and it was decided that it was time for folks to try it!

It's really simple.  Nothing too fancy about it.  Basically you brown some ground beef with some seasonings (salt and pepper).  Add in 1/2 an onion and then 2 cans of cream of something soup (I used 1 cream of mushroom and 1 cream of chicken).  I then added a can of French cut green beans and 1 can of sweet corn.  Poured all of this in casserole (aka hot) dish.  Then layered with some shredded cheese and finally topped with tator tots!  Baked at 350 (I'll have to double check that) for 35-45 min (until tots are brown and crispy).  Let cool for 5-10 minutes and enjoy!  

It seemed to be a hit with the Sunday night dinner crew!   There were no left overs!   I also made a pumpkin pie for dessert.  I was going to make it for thanksgiving but ran out of time.  So I cheated and bought pies... Only picked up sweet potato instead of pumpkin.  It turned out pretty well!  I'll post the recipe later!
Tuesday started with snow and along travel day down to Baton Rouge.  Luckily I didn't have any major travel issues.  But it does leave you exhausted!

So time to rest.  Going to be a busy couple of days down here!

The finished products!

Dublin and Winnie hanging out with their friend Casey aka sleeping the day away!

I think Winnie appreciates a dog that let's her touch and doesn't growl back (poor grumpy old Dublin lol)

Tuesday morning walk before the snow started!

The view at ewr and the the might Mississippi when landing in Baton Rouge.  I am amazed my flight took off!  The woman sitting next to me had never seen planes de-iced before!   She was on her way to New Mexico to welcome her son home from Afghanistan.  

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  1. Wonderful images Eric, I always enjoy your photos. As for the delicious sounding casserole - I'll pass, its hitting 98 degrees here today with awful humidity, so come up with a lovely cool salad recipe for me!