December already?!?

Hello December. Nice to see you again! I will admit... I love the holiday season! This thanksgiving break has been really nice! I even managed to not check my work email for most of the days! Lol!

I did not partake in any crazy Black Friday shopping! I am a little irritated about stores taking away thanksgiving with the need to open stores even earlier and actually on the holiday! I did manage to finally run in to target today - but bright and early before any crowds!

Saturday a friend and I went and saw rock of ages on broadway! It was pretty entertaining! I mean it is 'Broadway's best party!' Who doesn't love some big hair 80's rock band music?!?

The rest of the weekend was pretty chill. Some decorating for the holidays! And catching on things ... Like laundry! With maybe a nap thrown in! I needed mke after being fairly productive this morning!

Pretty sure they are not excited about my holiday decorating! But good sports when treats are involved!

Hope all had a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!

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