Another weekend...

I realize I never posted this.  Sorry to be a bit Mia.  Last week was crazy busy with work travel.  I was down on New Orleans and Baton Rouge again.  Of course in the joys of travel I ended up with a canceled flight and an extra night in Louisiana.  They are not prepared for cold weather down there!  

The weekend was spent catching up on things - getting oil change, laundry, dinner with friends, etc.  

Friday will be round 18 of Mercks anti-pd1 and basically marks a whole year of being on this trial!  It also marks 3 years that I have been a patient at Sloan.  Thankful for my team there!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Ice on the Hudson.  

When I got up @3:30am at the crown plaza by the airport in New Orleans I noticed these pictures...   I found them kind of creepy and was glad I hadn't noticed them before bed.  

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