"Be patient...

... Sometimes you have to go through the worst to get to the best."

I don't know who said that quote but someone posted it yesterday.  Thought it was a good reminder that things aren't always easy but hopefully they get better!   Yesterday was round #18 of Mercks anti-pd1. That makes whole year of taking this drug.  Lots of questions around when the FDA May approve this drug for use.  I feel very lucky that I got in this trial.  I know I've mentioned that before.  So many people that would love an opportunity to at least try it!  Lots of questions also on what type of protocol they will have for it.  I get it every 3 weeks, some get it every 2 weeks.   Can they give it with chemo also? What happens if I stop taking it?  

But with all those questions, I'll take where we are at.  A year with nothing new (other than a few things here or there that pop up on the scan and then go away), minimal side effects, and continued stable/shrinking disease.  

My appointments now are pretty routine.  Stop at 4th floor for IV/blood work.  You know you're there a lot when they don't even call your name in the waiting room anymore they just walk up and get you!  Then it's up to the 5th floor for vitals, doctor visit, and treatment.  

Before meeting with the doctor I see one of the nurses.  There is one research nurse R.  He is one of the happiest nurses I've had. I suppose it helps that I am pretty stable and my only complaints are a lingering sinus thing and some fatigue!   

Dr D and I had some discussions around if it's possible these tumors in the lymph nodes are possible dead.  It's a possibility but a ct scan doesn't show activity.   A ct/pet scan would but it's resolution isn't as great as a ct scan and it's not very reliable for anything smaller than 1.0 cm which these are.   So we may never see these completely ever go away.   I'll take scans with nothing new and stable/shrinking.   We all know how crazy this disease can be!  

So overall it was another good visit.  No major issues!   On non-health related news - my Russian visa was finally approved and back!  In between my doctors appointment and waiting for the drug to mix I ran over by grand central station to pick it up!   We are about 3 weeks away!!   Should be a great experience and looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend folks!

Grand central 

Chilling after my appointment.  The pups waiting for their peanut butter bones :). Nom nom

Walking Saturday morning.  This is the Korean War memorial down the street from me. 

This past summer they built this new boardwalk.  Since there is so much goose poop in the park we took a walk along here.  At the end of the walk is the Colgate clock and NYC skyline. 

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  1. Wonderful news that your visa has come through Erin!
    All of these images are totally gorgeous and,
    yes a crazy disease with "no major issues".