Be Bad-ass Everyday

The tough part about being involved in a number of patient advocate sites is that you have to take the good times with the bad.  We all are brought together by a common bond - this awful things called cancer...  but it's a group of warriors that just 'get' what you're going thru.  We know that our family and friends mean well, and are ever so supportive, but sometimes you need to talk to someone that has gone thru the same thing.

Amy was one of those warriors.  I can't even tell you how we 'met' or first started talking.  I'm guessing it was bonding over the fun things that come with Zelboraf and Ipi and then trying to get in to PD1 trials!  We never met in person but would speak several times a week.  She kept a blog also -NashVegasMom!

She had this stubborn tumor on her heart we named Roscoe.  All the things she tried, just never could make him go away.  I was saddened to learn that Amy passed away last night.  I was always amazed how she faced all of this with such grace and a touch of humor!

She had a post she prepared a few months ago titled: Melanoma for Dummies:  It made me laugh with things like:
I have a lovely trail of battle scars and permanent assorted damaged parts from treatments. Self-consciousness is for weenies.
You will lose friends but hopefully find yourself surrounded with even more people who love you. Offers to bedazzle your walker or hold your hair while puking are priceless.
Find something to have faith in and cling to it.
Love, Laugh, and Celebrate everything.
Get out and live your glamorous life the best you can. 

You can read the rest on the link above.  My thoughts and prayers go out to Amy's family.

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