Sochi - Winter Games

Hey Folks!  sorry for my delay.  Got back a week ago from Russia and attending the Winter Olympics!!  It was a great trip!  After all the hype of safety, I'm glad we still went!  While it for sure seemed that maybe they weren't quite ready, everyone was so welcoming!  It was a great experience!

We all met up in St Petersburg.  Stayed there one night.  Totally got over charged for a cab ride from the airpot to our hotel… lesson learned!  The next morning we got up and headed back to the airport.  Found it odd that the sun doesn't start to come up in Russia until about 9:30/10am!  So dark!!

After arriving in Sochi we were trying to figure out our best way to get to the port and our boat.  It was quite the adventure…  I'll save that for a night over a beer!  lol!  But we made it safely.

Above shows some of the events we went to.  First night was Women's freestyle mogul.  Also attended: medals ceremony, women's curling, mens/women's cross country skiing sprint, women's hockey (Canada vs. Findland), speed skating, and women's first appearance for ski jump.  I found ski jump to be a bit boring… but still a historic day for those athletes!

Hope you are all enjoying the Olympics!!  Here are a few more pictures from our adventure!

Have a great weekend!

The Dutch know how to Suit Up!!

Watching Jamie Anderson getting her GOLD MEDAL …
and hearing our national anthem!

Checking out The Today Show live in Sochi!

Watching Cross Country Skiing - come on Kikkan!!

Women making their debut in the Ski Jump!

Sun setting in the mountain Cluster
A few pictures from St Petes!

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