Melanoma Monday!

Today was melanoma Monday!  Hope you all were wearing black in support of awareness. (If not, you can totally blame me!!).  Follow this link ( for some more info and also check out a link that will list free skin cancer screenings in your area!  With May being skin cancer awareness month - it's a great time / reminder to schedule your annual skin cancer screening!

Also - for those in the NYC area - Sloan will be holding some screenings also.  Call to make an appointment.  (

My sister Emily and niece Gabby were wearing black!  

Sorry I've been Mia lately. I just noticed my last post was from treatment over 3 weeks ago. I have several posts in draft mode - I'll get those updates out!   

Right now this gal is exhausted!   Stay tuned for more updates!   Doing well!   Next scans scheduled for June 9th!  Amazing how fast 3 months goes!


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