#25 in the books!

Well... Another treatment day. Amazing how fast 3 weeks goes! And for some reason, it always seems to be gloomy the morning I'm heading in!

The view from under my umbrella. Ok, it wasn't really raining hard enough for the umbrella but was just enough to be annoying!!

My appointment started around 9am. Got my blood drawn and IV put in! The only downside of having an IV put in @9am is sometimes after 4-5 hrs of tape on my arm it looks like this :

Small price to pay for getting a dose of the good stuff!!! My skin doesn't always like the medical tape!

I thought things were kind of quiet and moving along... My main doctor was out so I was seeing Dr P instead. Things didn't seem to be far behind. Then I jinxed myself. Here I thought maybe I'd get done early, still didn't get treatment until after 1pm. I never understand why they even bother with a treatment time on my schedule :). But that's ok. Gave me time to do some work, grab lunch, and catch up on a few other things.

As mentioned, scans continue to look good! So we will continue on! Hard to say what is the right amount of this stuff. But do far, it's working! Here's hoping it gets approved soon! So others can trip the Ipi-pd1 1-2 punch on the immune system.

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