ASCO Updates and Immunotherapies

I haven't had much time to share some of the info coming out of the ASCO meetings a few weeks ago.  The main headlines continue to be around the immunotherapy treatments and the success that patients are having with them.  A recent article in the NY Times shares some findings.  You can see below that the 2 drugs combined are showing nearly 88 percent survival rate after 2 years (if you look at melanoma survival stats prior to these drugs, it was round 20 percent survival.  Pretty amazing.

Many of you know I took Bristol-Myers Yervoy followed by Merck's Anti-PD1  and have had great success so far.  Pretty amazing stuff with minimal side effects.

"The power of a combination was shown in advanced melanoma, a deadly skin cancer. In one clinical trial, 79 percent of patients receiving two immunotherapy drugs from Bristol-Myers were alive after two years. Of those who received the optimal dose, the two-year survival rate was 88 percent. The study involved only 53 patients, however, and might not represent what would happen on a larger scale.

Dr. Wolchok, who was involved in the study, said that only several years ago, the two-year survival rate for metastatic melanoma may have been less than 10 percent. One of the immune drugs, Yervoy, which was approved for use against melanoma in 2011, allows for a two-year survival rate of about 25 percent when used alone, he said. The other drug, nivolumab, which is still experimental, had a two-year survival rate above 40 percent when used alone in a study."

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  1. Hi Erin, I've just caught up on all of your recent posts and I am so happy to hear that all is going pretty well in your world. It's always lovely to hear and catch up on your progress and life's happenings.
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