Another one in the books

Hey Folks - I may sound like a broken record lately and been MIA.  First, don't worry, it has nothing to do with my health.  It has more to do with not much to report these days and living life!

Had round 28 this past Thursday.  It was like most days... wait, wait, wait!  It's a good thing that I bring along things to do.  I got there round 8:50am.  Ok, so I was running a few minutes late for blood work.  They got me back there fairly quickly.  Then it was up to the 5th floor for some more waiting.  Things are pretty routine, so once I get back to see the doctor things move pretty quickly.  As I was heading out from the doctor's visit, I was told some of the blood they drew was hemolyzed.  They were pretty quick about getting some more samples.

After the extra blood draw, I took the time to grab a snack and was able to spend some time with my melanoma mole-mate Julie!  After a few hours, I thought for sure my treatment should be ready.  That's what happens when I have those kinds of expectations...  there seemed to have been a little mix up between the blood draw and getting those updated results to the pharmacy.  (don't worry folks - blood work was perfect, but they can't mix until they have confirmation).

So after getting in around 8:45 am, I was finally taken back for treatment around 3pm.  Makes for a long day, but well worth it!  Let the countdown begin to FDA approval!  I know this could help so many people.

The weekend was spent with some great friends visiting!  We don't have to do anything special, just nice to get together and catch up!

Have a great week!  I'll try and update more often!


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  1. Erin! how wonderful to hear from you and to know that all in your life is good. Oh it is indeed such a long day, but as you say well worth it. And how lovely to have some friends visiting and have some good old fashioned fun.
    Cheers back at you Erin and some hugs for good measure.
    Rose :)

  2. I love that you always seem so positive! A lot of people would be mad at the world or wanting to blame someone. But you don't. I know you have hard days but for the most part you always seem so positive & I really think that helps any situation! Good Luck going forward

  3. Hello Erin, I follow your post and have been wondering how your mole mate Julie is doing, she hasn't posted in a long while, so I worry, but was glad you mentioned her here in this post. Have a great weekend!

  4. Hey - sorry for my delay. Julie is doing well. I know she doesn't post that often. But she's had good results on the ipi/anti-pd1 trial! I know what it's like to worry when you haven't seen an update in awhile.

    Hope you had a fabulous Holiday Weekend!