Chatter around FDA Approval of Merck's Anti-PD1

Many of you will probably remember that I've shared that Merck's Anti-PD1 Pembrolizumab (yeah, yeah, drug names are never easy to pronounce or spell...) is set for FDA approval end of October.  This week has started out with a lot of buzz around this potentially going sooner!  I know a lot of fellow patients hoping and praying for this!  

According to one article
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - U.S. regulators are likely to approve Merck & Co's highly anticipated immuno-oncology drug, pembrolizumab, as a treatment for melanoma well ahead of a late October deadline, according to three sources familiar with the situation."

Stay tuned!  I'm lucky in the fact that I already have access to this, and have had great results!  But I know so many patients that would LOVE an opportunity to at least try it to fight against Melanoma. 


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  1. This may post twice i'm not sure but I have questions about this drug. I have a friend that is stage 4 who's doctor just sent her home with pain meds with no more treatment. She just came off of temodor and has taken ipi ( made her very sick) and has done ablations to the liver. She only has disease in the liver. Do you know if this would be an option for her or do you have enough info about the drug to know.

    Thanks for any input

  2. Mandi - sorry to hear about your friend. Has she gone for a 2nd opinion? I would think if she still has disease in her liver, anti-pd1 may be worth a try. Several locations have Expanded access (still trial) and hopefully (fingers crossed) should get FDA approval!