Another round 30 in.

So I am totally running behind on updates!!  I started a new job a few weeks ago, so that has kept me pretty busy!  

For those wondering ( or keeping tabs) I had another round of Keytruda Thursday sept 25th.  No major issues.  Blood work looks great.  Changed things up and did a late afternoon appointment.  It felt like things moved smoother, but hard to tell. 

The only real hiccup was with the chemo nurse that was drawing my blood and starting my IV.  Sad thing is what I've had enough iv's out in for treatment that I knew it didn't look like the right needle.  So... That meant another needle to get stuck in my arm.   Not gonna lie, I can put up with a lot of pain, but man this stung!  I mean, it should,  it was a needle in my forearm!  I was pointing it to my doctor who quickly told me 'quick complaining'.  And he was right.  I think I was his last patient of the day, and I would guess he saw patients way worse than me!  Pain from the disease, not temporary pain from an IV needle stuck in their forearm.  

Ouch!!  Bruise left behind. 

He's right, I can suck it up and deal with some pain for a few hours for access to a drug that has kept me clear of disease!  I was left with a large lovely bruise!   Small price to pay!

Anyway, after treatment I headed Friday to see friends in Colorado!   Beautiful weather!

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  1. Hi Erin, Any idea when you will be able to stop the infusions? And if so, will you be able to get the drug FREE from Merck, if you ever need it again? God Bless