Hello Arizona!

This post is brought to you 30,000' in the air :). On my way from Arizona to Orlando.  Apparently I'm trying to see how many states I can get to in the 4th quarter of the year!  So far in the last month I've hit: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Colorado, Arizona, and now Florida!   I won't count New Jersey and New York since I'm in those all the time haha!
(Me @ horseshoe bend w/Colorado river)

Anyway, I joined my lovely friend Marie for another national park adventure!  She was already in the area for a class so I just tagged along (a lot like last years Yosemite adventure!)

We got a lot of windshield time in, but fully enjoyed all the state has to offer!  Here are a few pics!  Enjoy!


- morning sunrise @ Grand Canyon 
- wildlife in the park!  mule deer buck

- antelope slot canyon : page, AZ
- chapel @ holy cross: Sedona 
- pink jeep tour: broken arrow ridge
- cathedral rock in the background 

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