The Magic Kingdom

What do you do when you're in Orlando and have an afternoon of free time?  Head to the magic kingdom!   

It was interesting to check out.  If I had more time I would have waited in some of the longer lines...  But to help maximize walking the whole park I tried to stick to lines that said 30 min or less.   I did manage to walk Swiss family Robinson's tree house :) some jungle boat tour? With a 'cast member' that had some really bad jokes haha!  I tried to see pirates of the Caribbean but it was 'closed for a technical issue'.  I hoped on a raft over to Tom Sawyer and Hucks private island :) with a stroll over the barrel bridge!

It's Halloween season at the magic kingdom!  I'm sure it's great to see at Christmas time also!   After I sat thru the goofy  parrot tiki room show and getting 'in the tiki, tiki tiki, tiki room... 🎶' song stuck in my head it was time to go for another silly song 'it's a small world after all...' 

Some of characters were a little creepy haha!  Some other highlights included haunted mansion, space mountain (duo not sure how I like a roller coaster in complete darkness!), speedway racecars (which were really SLOW), and the carousel of progress. Guess all things considerd, I did get a lot in for only being there a few hours!  Finished off with watching the electric street parade? Light show on the castle and a few fireworks! 

Now back to jersey tonight!  Will be nice to spend a few nights in my own bed :)

(Sorry for any spelling errors...  Uploading from my iPhone...)

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