Hey Team!

(I didn't realize this didn't publish.  That's what I get for using the app on my phone). 

So for those keeping tabs...  I have another round of treatment on Thursday Oct 16th!  I swear on treatment days it is gloomy and raining when I head in to the city.  Please see picture:

Nothing to major from this round.  Same old same old!  Other than waiting longer than I expected, but that's normal!  Still trying to figure out when I stop taking the treatment since I am having good results and its FDA approved now!

Luckily on my way home - sunshine!

Another busy week for me this week!  Was in Atlanta area Monday and Tuesday and Connecticut the rest of the week!  Need a dull moment, that's for sure!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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  1. Oh it was so lovely to catch up with all of your recent posts Erin and to see you are doing well.
    You have certainly been a busy girl, and wonderful to see you having so much fun.
    As always your photos are awesome!
    Take good care dear girl

  2. Erin...Your photographs are amazing and they make my heart smile!