Saturday morning ABC's...

Acupuncture, brunch, and coffee (with a swing thru Central Park!)

Last weekend I thought, I'll take it easy!   Apparently I don't really know how to do that!   I've been fighting either fall allergies/sinus infection for the last few weeks.  It may be a combination of both (plus either NYC air quality or keytruda have given me constant sinus issues!).  

Anyway, to help I get acupuncture.   So I got up early to head in to the city!  I figured since I was up and there it would be nice to meet a friend for brunch!  So I strolled from the upper east side to the upper west side - conveniently through Central Park!   This really is one of my favorite spots in NYC any time of the year.  

It was a bit chilly but a beautiful, sunny, fall day in the park!  See the following pictures:

A rosebud in Shakespeare's garden

Every time I venture in the park I find something new 
Fabulous fall day!
Belvedere castle

Always well worth the walk thru the park!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Off to Wisconsin for a friends birthday and another packers game!   


Ps - for those keeping track, I did have treatment last Thursday (nov 6th)!  All still looking good.  Scans coming up in the 21st!

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