Same treatment, different day...

I know lots of folks say this, but does it feel like the older you get the faster time flies by?!! 

And this in every 3 weeks goes fast!   It's very routine these days (I don't even remember what dose # I'm on these days!)!  Blood work looked good.  Blood pressure right about where it needs to be!  Pluse was racing.   I think it's because I seem to have messed up my calf muscle (more to come on that once I fugure out what's going on!!) so it took a lot of energy to walk to my appointment today! 

It was a beautiful day :).  The seagulls were all just hanging out watching the world go by!  Of course until I disturbed them with pictures lol!  

A brief moment to reflect... Hard to believe that in January I will have been in this trial 2 years!   It was about this time 2 years ago I was feeling my worst!  Increase pain in the tumors in my lymph nodes in my abdomen, neuropathy symptoms from taking Yervoy, the worst anxiety/panick attacks I've ever experienced!  Seems like forever ago!  That was the last time I got bad scan results! 

Hope everyone had a fantastic day!  And ready for the holidays!!  


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  1. You are looking fabulous Erin! Who can believe two years since I first met you in blog land. Sounds like things are going so beautifully well for you dear girl.
    And that would be THE best seagull image I've ever seen! (I have a thing for seagulls)
    Christmas blessings and all good things for you Erin.

  2. Rose! thanks so much! always enjoy seeing your pictures! I hope you had a fabulous Holiday! and a happy New Year!