Another round of good scans!

Last week I had another round of scans.  A brain MRI was added in since it had been almost 2 years since my last one!  (I've come along way from having to get them every 6 months!!!).  

Results continue to look good!   CT scan shows stable lymph nodes and nothing new!  Brain MRI was clear!   So we decided to keep on with the trial 12 more weeks!   If scans are stable again then we will make the decision to stop the trial.  It's scary, because we don't know what happens when people stop (or really how many doses someone needs to work). But I also think I'm ready for a break!

Hope everyone is having a great week!   We got a very short lived teaser of what spring might feel like!  And then back to the cold temps again!   


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  1. This is more good news Erin! I can understand you feeling a little anxious at the 'stopping' bit, it's been part of your routine for so long now. But everything looks so positive and so good, and a break would be welcome I'm guessing.
    I hope your approaching spring brings lots of colour to your world dear Erin.