Fashion Fights Cancer!

Recently I was introduced to a group called Fashion Fight Cancer.  I'm not exactly sure how they came across my contact info, but was so glad they reached out.  You can check out some of their other events or upcoming ones HERE!

There was a workshop starting a few weeks ago with Lydell NYC.  I think in my mind when they said they would be hosting a bracelet workshop I pictured a pattern already set out for us with a bunch of beads we could pick.  You know, follow the instructions, put your favorite colors and done! I didn't realize I'd have to really get creative!  I love the idea of bringing together folks, with a common bond of cancer, but never really talking about it.  Just doing something distracting and interesting.

This workshop is a 4 or 5 part one.  The first one was to take a look at the collections Lydell NYC had and get some inspiration.  I can't thank them enough for opening up their place to host this event. Everyone was so incredibly nice and welcoming!  Our second workshop was to put our design caps on and think about a charm that means something to us.  Folks that know me, know that I'm not much of a fashionista.  I'm a simple person.  So we'll see how this turns out!  I won't get give any spoilers until it's done!  We'll head back in a few weeks again to start bringing our designs to life!

You can see below on what FFC does.  And if you're a fellow cancer patient or survivor, check out their upcoming events!


About them:

our work

Research on cancer shows that health and wellness is an important aspect of battling and surviving cancer which includes emotional support and finding hope and inspiration. FFC, in collaboration with the fashion community, is an important partner in providing that much-needed emotional support and provides ways to regain hope and inspiration. FFC’s therapeutic workshops and seminars are offered free to cancer patients and survivors. These workshops and seminars use fashion- and design-related disciplines in a variety of activities that act as soothing therapy. Internationally-acclaimed fashion designers donate their time, studio space, and work with participants to create unique, one-of-a-kind designer products.
Research on the kind of creative therapies that FFC provides not only shows the connection to improved health outcomes, reduction of pain, and such physiological responses as reduction of blood pressure, more restful sleep, and boosting the immune system (Stuckey & Nobel, 2010), but helps cancer patients to express themselves through fashion and design creations and, in the process, allows them to turn their experiences into expressions, fears into fashion, and renewed hope into healing.

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