Light at end of Tunnel?

Jan 8, 2013 I signed papers to be enrolled in Mercks anti-pd1 trial (pending approval after additional testing).   

When signing the original paperwork it stated it was a 2 year trial...  Quickly the paperwork was changed to be open ended.   I remember having a conversation with some folks from Merck about if side effects were minimal, why not just keep going?   Then I talked about the every 3 week appointment and it basically takes all day.  And besides, when do I get to feel some sort of accomplishment in this battle?   Every 3 weeks I get a very clear reminder that I'm a cancer patient.   

So the plan is that after scans on May 13th, if all has stayed the same we will stop the trial.   It's complicated with the 'spots' I have left to tell if there is any active cancer, but nothing has changed or shown up since in a little over 2 years. So that has to be a pretty good indication!  

Stay tuned!  Results on the 14th!   


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  1. Fabulous news again Erin and I'll stay tuned lovely lady.