bloodwork, nurse/doc visit, tx, repeat!

It's funny how when I first started this trial it was easy to keep track of what dose I was on!  Now I have no idea lol!  Thursday was like most others @ Sloan!   Bloodwork, quick research nurse/doctor visit, then sit for a few hours while I wait for the pharmacy to mix the good stuff!   

All hooked up and ready to go!   Just a quick 30 minute drip!   

Earlier this week PBS did a 3 part series on the biology of cancer - The Emperor of all Maldives.  (

I highly recommend checking it out.  The 3rd part focused a lot on melanoma and how immunotherapy drugs are helping fight it!  We know there is no cure, but we get closer every day to it at least being managed like a treatable disease vs a death sentence.  I have lots of other thoughts/comments on the series, but will save that for another day :) 

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Easter weekend!

(Ps - please ignore any mistakes - updating from my iPhone!)

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