California dream in'

I'm So the last few weeks have been pretty busy!   Ok, more than my normal running around :).   I think 3 of the last 4 weeks I have been somewhere other than jersey! (You all saw one of my posts about Acapulco!).  Beginning of the month I had to head to Cali for a week trip.  So I figured id take advantage of being in the area by going in late Friday night and seeing some good friends!  Thanks Marie and Max (and pipes and knuckles!) for the hospitality!  Was so great catching up with you all!

Saturday apparently was free comic book day!  Say what?!? We started out with brunch at a great little place called The Grub?   Then it was off to a little touristy type activities!  With a stop at the Hollywood sign!  

Then it was back to check out the local comic store 

After that we relaxed for a bit before heading back down to sunset blvd and to see the new avengers movie at the el capital theytre. 

Was a great weekend!  Sunday max and Marie and to work so I headed up the coast to hike point dume area just north of Malibu.  I joked with a friend that as k was cruising up the pacific coast highway I thought to myself, I lead a pretty awesome life!  :). Enjoy some pictures from the hike!

Cheers Erin 

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