Final dose of Keytruda!

Ok guys - a little bit of a long post! I have been MIA a lot lately! Busy work/travel schedule! But an update! I had my scans last week. I have been on the Merck Keytruda trial since Jan 2013. Prior to that I did 4 months of Zelboraf and 4 doses of Yervoy!

My scans continue to show nothing new or growing! So it was decided that last week was my last Keytruda dose! (I think that made #41?) While they can't prove I had a total complete response (I have some unchanged slightly swollen lymph nodes that they think have dead disease but are too hard to biopsy and too small to check with a PET scan.  

Those that know me, know I LOVE to take pictures! I was testing out a new app and put this collage together to show how thru it all, I haven't let melanoma define me or slow me down! Just wanted to share as a little hope and encouragement! A sampling of some of the travel I have done in the last few years!

** what I shared on Instagram - I always forget I downloaded the Instagram layout app! A summary of the almost 5 year journey with melanoma! And how it hasn't really stopped me! Upper left hand picture is me in Australia in September 2010. That was when the mole on my back started to grow like crazy! It was there one night in the outback near Uluru that it started to bleed! I had it removed immediately after returning to the states! Other pictures are a sampling of trips since then with trips to Thailand (twice), Scotland/London for summer 2012 Olympics! Yosemite, Russia (winter 2014 Olympics) GrandCanyon Mexico!


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