Scan Update

May 14th was my last dose of Keytruda.  So July 30th were my 1st scans I've had since stopping.  To say that I wasn't nervous about the results would be an understatement.  Fortunately, I've been way too busy to worry too much. It's amazing how quickly 3 months goes by!  I blinked and May, June, and July were gone!  But then for someone like me that never sits home for too long, it's easy to understand how time flies by when you're having fun!

Ok, first, scans look good!  You'll see in the table below copies of my last scans along with several others like my last 'bad' scan from May 2012 when I found out I had my recurrence.  My last CT scan that showed any growth was December, 18, 2012.  It's been a long journey but seem to still be heading in the right direction!  It was a little odd this time to not have a doctors appointment or phone call to tell me the latest results!  Guess it's a good thing I was super busy with turning another year older and starting a new job! 

Since stoping keytruda, I have noticed my energy level coming back some.  I've also noticed little things like my nails no longer flaking like they were before!  

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  Sorry for the delayed updates!  I've been traveling non-stop for work and personal fun!  


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