Get Busy Living!

For those that may (or may not be keeping tabs), I did have scans a few weeks back.  Results look pretty much the same.  Actually the small lymph nodes I've had left have actually shrunk further since stopping Keytruda in May. From 88% reduction to a 91% reduction in size of the tumors since starting the clinical trial in January 2013.  So we continue to head in the right direction!  There was something minor noted they want to keep an eye on in the small intestine, but they didn't seem too concerned.  

Earlier this week I was traveling and catching up with some folks.  Its funny how recently I seem to get comments like - you look so good!  I'm not sure if that's because I looked pretty bad for awhile?  I'd like to think it has a little to do with my hair finally fully growing back in and a little less anxiety showing up in my face about this journey.  

Don't get me wrong!  There isn't a day that goes by when I don't think about melanoma.   It's hard not too when you have folks that started this journey with you fighting for their lives!  As many of you know my dear friend Julie has had a hard time lately.  She has an amazing support system and was finally able to head home again after WAY too many days and surgeries at Sloan!  So keep sending those prayers to Heaven @ Seven for her!!  They seem to be working! 

All of this makes me think about surviving vs living.   For the last 5 years I've just been trying to make sure I do everything I can to survive.  I finally feel like I've gotten to a place where I can say I'm living.  Ok...ok... Some may claim I've always lived life large (I mean I did have 3 trips to Mexico this year, 1 to Montraal, and a dozen other states...).  Even thru treatments it didn't really slow me down from traveling the world and staying fairly active.  But I think as long as kept moving, it meant maybe cancer wasn't wining?

Like I took an opportunity this week to watch the Veterans Day Parade here in NYC even though I was a little exhausted from an already busy week!

You see so many folks that struggle past a cancer diagnosis.  5 years ago I sat in a medical oncologist's office who didn't have any good news or hope to share.  But luckily, very shortly after being diagnosed the world of treating melanoma started to change!  It's pretty amazing!

So happy almost Friday folks! Don't forget to protect the skin you're in!

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