Jimmy Carter - Cancer Free?

There was lots of news that came out over the weekend when former President Jimmy Carter made the statement that he was cancer free!  This man is pretty un-stoppable.  He did have to get radiation to treat brain tumors, but then took the immunotheraphy Keytruda by Merck.  Many of you will remember (if you've been following along) that I did 2.5 years in a Phase 1 clinical trial for this drug. I recently stopped in May given that I've had great results and minimal side effects.  My friends have joked that in some small way, I may have had a part in helping safe Jimmy Carter's life!

Well we know it's the awesome folks researching and developing these drugs that are saving lives!  I am just the lab rat that helped proved it was working so others could get access to it!  While I think it's difficult to claim 'cancer-free', because Melanoma is so darn tricky, we do know that it sounds like doctors could find No Evidence of Disease (N.E.D.).  That's still a pretty great thing to hear when dealing with a Melanoma diagnosis (or any cancer diagnosis for that fact).

I got a call around 12;30 PM on Monday afternoon asking if I'd be interested in contributing to this piece.  I always walk this line between sharing too much? and helping spread awareness!  I think it's important for anyone going thru the melanoma journey right now to know these new drugs are out there for treatment.  I'm very fortunate that I am a patient at Sloan Kettering where so many of these drugs are tested.  I know there are lots of folks that end up seeing their local, home town oncologist who might not be familiar with all these advancements.

I was asked my thoughts on this as a 'cure'.  While I don't think we can quite call this the cure, we are heading in the right direction!

You can watch the short segment here.  It's amazing how these things get put together!


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  1. Dear Erin, I am so pleased I finally dropped by today to see how you are, and I've been here for ages catching up and reading all of your recent months of posts. I was so deeply moved by your 6 points in Oct's post and your vid was so beautiful. Your involvement by way of support and love for others and educational information via this blog is just fantastic. I have been following you for a long while now and hurt when you were going through the tough times and yelled for joy (across the other side of the world) when you received good news. Hold on to that stubborn streak of yours, its a good friend.The reduction in your tumors size since 2013 is certainly indicative of the wonders of modern medicine and treatments. Noone has to tell you to live life to the full - you do that brilliantly dear girl. Keep smiling and keep this blog going.
    Hugs - and I am so pleased I called by today.
    xx Rose

  2. hi Rose! Ok, I am horrible about responding. Looks like you've been doing well! Thank you so much for your kind words. Have a fantastic weekend!