Merry Christmas!

Family time is always important.  Even though it was a balmy 70 degrees in NYC area, I packed up and headed to Minnesota for Christmas.  (ok, it's gotten a little cooler now in the NYC area).  Here is a quick recap of my quick trip home.  

Snuggles with my niece on Christmas morning.  She may look happy but she's really just annoyed because I put the camera in front of the movie...  (even though she did request the snuggles with her favorite aunt!)

It's not easy to get a 3 year to sit still for very long.

Activities of the day also includes building a small pillow fort.  no Dogs allowed!  I'm not sure if Claudia is annoyed or sad she's left out?

Trying to get Ms Winnie in on the photo fun and she's not really having it!  

We made time on Sunday to stop by the Minnesota Zoo.  It was a little chilly so we stuck with the inside things.  

Sunday's @ the Zoo. This is pretty much how I feel after running around with a 3 year old for a few days and then waiting an extra few hours @ MSP airport waiting for my flight to leave.  Lovely delays!

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday!


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  1. Lovely family times Erin, and may the new year bring all things wonderful, happy and good to you dear girl! x