Trying to make a House a Home

Some of you are aware that I finally made a move.  After 5 years of living in my apartment I decided to buy a small little place here in Jersey City.  Who knew.  5 years is the longest I've lived in 1 location since graduating high school.   When I moved to NJ I thought I'd stay here 3 years tops.  That was kind of my M.O.

But I found a great little house (expensive from Midwest standards).  I wasn't really exited about the idea of a condo.  So this works perfect!   

A few small pictures:

Bonus is that it wasn't until I closed and was there painting that I noticed I had views of One World Trade Center!  Kind of cool!  (It you look out the right window)

I have such a love hate with the area sometimes!  It's so darn expensive! But love the conveniences of everything!  There are so many great new places opening up around me which is fun to see (And try out).  

Like this small sampling of places I made a stop at last weekend:
1. Orale Mexican Kitchen: 341 Grove St.
2. Downtown Yogurt: 126 Newark Ave (rumor is they now deliver!)
3. South House Bar and Restaurant: 149 Newark Ave
4. Porta - Jersey City: 135 Newark Ave
5. Dullboy: 364 Grove - used to be old Park and Sixth Cafe.  Great little spot.  See if you can figure out why it's called Dullboy without asking :)
6. The Archer Bar: 176 Newark Ave.  This spot reminds me of home a little with deer head on the wall.  Not a very big place, but great cocktails.

So more to come as I continue to make this little place my home!  It's slowly coming together!  Trying to get it more organized before more folks want to see it lol!  Nothing like having 4-5 strangers and a video camera come in your house days after you've moved in and things are everywhere!  Looked like I was a hoarder haha!

Hope everyone has a lovely holiday!

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  1. Congratulations Erin! It's lovely and really suits you! x