5 years of stage 4 survival

5 years ago I was at Memorial Sloan Kettering having a lung biopsy to see is cancer (melanoma) had spread to my lungs.  I'd wake up several hours later (minus 2 small wedges of my left lung) to be told it was in fact cancer. 

Statistics would say I'd have a 10% chance of still being here today.  I was fortunate to get on a clinical trial of Merck's keytruda.  I've gone almost 3 years with stable results.  Nothing new or nothing growing! 

Protect the skin you're in!  Remember to see your dermatologist annually!  Wear your sunscreen & stay out of tanning beds!

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  1. What a boring ending so far to your melanoma story.
    You are blessed, congratulations and thank you very much for all your updates. Enjoy the rest of your life(like you haven't been already).
    God's blessings to you Erin.


  2. "nothing new", "nothing growing" - love those words Erin. Also wise final words,I wish everyone would take note. thinking of you... Rose

  3. Good for you! Hope the good results continue!