June Scan Results

Ok - so I am seriously lacking these days in blog updates! Seems to be a common theme haha! Things have been going pretty good. Had scans back in April that looked good with no new suspicious findings. Scans June 30th also looked good but with possible mild colitis showing up on my scans. That is a fairly common thing to happen to folks that have taken these immunotherapy drugs. While it's been over a year since stopping treatments, sometimes these things can pop back up. The good thing with scans is that it was still stated that swollen lymph nodes are unchanged and no new suspicious findings. I will have scans again August 11th just to make sure everything is ok with possible colitis. Although, I don't have any symptoms so could just be false readings on scans (which happens all the time with having scans so often). Sorry for the delay in the updates! June was a busy month with trip to Iceland with my cousin Rachel and crazy work schedule. More coming on Iceland! Lots of fun things seen, and totally want to take a trip back!

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