Follow up scans

Wednesday night I was sitting in Sloan Ketterings Main Hospital CT scanning waiting room.   They always seem to be running late there.  I had my 3 month scans in June and they showed some inflammation in the intestines (most likely side effects from all the treatment leaving me possible colitis).   Guess side effect of so many scans - false positives?  

The main hospital is the worst place to go for scans...  They always run behind (because I get bumped for in patients or other emergencies) and it's so sad :/ 

As I was finishing my scan, the tech was helping me sit up and apologizing for running behind.  I made the quick comment that I've been a patient @ Sloan for almost 6 years, I've learned to be patient.  He smiled and grabbed my hand and pointed out that 6 years is quite an accomplishment.  

Scan results show no inflammation.  (Back to those false positives lol).  Guess that's what happens when you have scans so often.  

Even with cooler weather coming - remember to protect the skin you're in!

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