All About Downtown - Jersey City

This past weekend was the 6th annual all about downtown street fair.  


December marks 6 years living in Jersey City and I just love to see how much it's changed and grown.  I mean, I don't necessarily like all the extra crowds on the train and restaurants - but that is what brings the new businesses!!  It stretched along Newark from Grove St to Coles st!  So many great little vendors and food options!  

South House set up this adorable beer garden! 

It was an absolutely beautiful September day for it! Just wish that it maybe went a little bit longer or 2 days.  But so great to see the streets crowded!

If you're around next year make sure to check it out!! 

A few stages were set up!  Who doesn't love a band with a banjo?  

Vendors galore set up!  

Hope all had a fabulous weekend!  

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