There are so many reasons to Stand Up! I'm proof that there has been so much progress in ways to fight cancer, but we have so much further to go!  Many know my story.  When I was diagnosed in Oct 2010 there were very few options for the treatment Melanoma.  I sat in a medical oncologists office and was basically given a death sentence.  I quickly started researching my options.  That lead me to Sloan Kettering in search of clinical trials. In Jan 2013 I started a clinical trial of Mercks Immunotherapy drug Keytruda (anti-pd1).  I'd spend 2.5 years on the trial.  Taking 41 doses and having stable disease and nothing new! 

While I've had great responses to these treatments, these drugs don't work for everyone showing us that we still have so far to go!  Your support can help!  

This cancer crap has brought some very happy moments and memories and some lows.  Melanoma has brought some wonderful people in to my life.  Like my dear friend Julie (some of you may remember her blog). She also did clinical trials, but they weren't enough.  Sadly she lost her battle April 30th. It took a whole 5-10 min in to watching tonight special to bring tears to my eyes.  When leaving Julie's wake (after her mom gave me a sweatshirt she had bought for Julie) a song came on with the lyrics - it's been a long day without you my friend... And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again!  It was one of the 1st songs they played during the special.  

Together we can find a cure. 

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