Scans ... again...

Hey folks!  So, I've been trying a new app to update my blog and realized it's not posting some things and then they disappear.  Oh technology!

I had scans again on Monday.  I always chuckle when the techs ask me if I've had a CT scan before.  Yep, at least every 3 months for the last 6 years!  Anyway, Thursday I saw my oncologist.  Things still look good, although there was a small uterine lesion that has shown up. Doctors weren't too concerned but 'given my history' an ultrasound was scheduled.  I know my doctor likes to stay on top of these things.  We all know how tricky melanom can be.  

For example, Wednesday marked 6 years since I had my lung biopsy at Sloan.  Crazy how time flies!  


Enjoy your weekend!  It's a beautiful Saturday morning here (well it looks beautiful) but chilly outside!


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