New Year, New Scan

Happy 2018 Everyone! It's been snowy and cold here. Starting to warm up a little bit. Started out the New Year with another trip to Winter Park Colorado with the gang. More on that later.

For now, on to scan results. Since I'm still part of the clinical trial protocol for Merck's Keytruda drug at Sloan, I am still having scans every 4 months. Guess that's better then every 3? My scans were scheduled for Thursday when we had all the snow. Luckily they didn't cancel my appointment. I got a call on Friday from my nurse saying that everything looks good! I'm very lucky to be where I am today. Treatments have come so far over the 7+ years.

Reminded me that 5 years ago, I was sitting in Sloan's waiting room to talk with the immunotherapy trial team. It was a long day giving me options to take either Merck's or BMS's drug. The trial doctor basically suggested Merck's drug since "it would mean fewer biopsies" to get accepted.

Today I didn't even see an oncologist for my appointment (He was out sick). Just saw the nurse and reviewed perfect blood work and perfect scans. Scans results stated: No metastatic disease in chest, abdomen, or pelvis and no interval change. I know it's cold weather for most of us, but never forget to be your own best advocate. Protect that skin of yours! See your dermatologist every year, and if something doesn't look right, get it cut out! Cheers! Erin

Here is my post from that day.

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