Em's 1st visit in the City!

I am a little bit behind from posting these (and I know some saw these on facebook) but here are some high lights from our adventures last weekend! 

Em's first trip to visit Lady Liberty

Taking the bull by the horns -watch out!

These people always creep me out!  I wouldn't allow Em to have her picture taken with them...

During our hour wait to get the ferry - this was a pretty cool statue in Battery Park

The windows in Ellis Island - just think of all the people who have walked these halls

This statue stood outside the WTC - it is now in Battery Park

Times Sqaure!

It's hard to see but under the yellow callout on the left side we are on the screen!

Ms Sassy Liberty!  M&M World - most expensive ones you'll buy but still tasty!

Rockefeller Center! 

St. Patricks

A couple dancing to a street performer in Central Park - Priceless!

Met up with fellow Melanoma survivor - Chelsea! 

A must stop for dessert in Little Italy!

Empire State building at sunset

9-11 Memorial in JC

Been a long weekend! 
So that is the short list of all the pictures I took!  Will need to keep testing out my new camera!  Now I need other lenses! 

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