Weekend adventures

Sorry for the delay in any updates.  It's been a busy week+.  Here are a few pictures from my visitors this past weekend.  My dad and Nance came for their first visit to NYC!  

Will write more later.  Now time for rest!

A few more details on last weekends adventures!  I'm looking forward to this weekend of just catching up (mostly on sleep) but other things as well...

Friday I got home from Baton Rouge and it was a rainy/wet day!  I headed in to the city to meet up to see Wicked! I just realized I didn't post any pictures from that... stay tuned :)

Saturday was a much nicer day!  I tried to sleep in a bit and catch up on a few things (laundry, walking the dogs, etc).  Then it was off to the city and enjoy newyorkpass which allows you to get in to see 80+ different attractions!  First stop Radio City Music Hall! for a tour.

A picture with one of the rocketts and the stage being set up for the Tony Awards being hosted there Sunday night!

Then it was off to the Top of the Rock for some gloomy but great views of the city!

After a stop there it was time for dinner and then head back to Jersey City!  Where we took a walk along the water front and grabbed a drink.

Sunday was a much better day!  Sun was shining!  First stop was the Empire State Building!  It always amazes me how many people are always in line to get to the top!  This picture below is looking south!  On left hand side of the river you see the tall building which is One World Trade Center.  Across the river is a taller building - that's Jersey City!  I live about 4 blocks from that big building...

After the Empire state building we headed down to Battery Park area to catch a ferry for a river ride!  Nice to see the new Citi bike stations around!

A look after going under the Brooklyn Bridge!

Lady Liberty!  Still not open since Hurricane Sandy.  Supposed to be up and going again 4th of July!

We made a stop at the 9/11 Memorial.  The Puerto Rican parade was also going on Sunday!  as you can see, someone left some small flags behind at the memorial.

We stopped in the 9/11 tribute center.  I don't know if I'll stop back in.  Just so sad! Below is a sculpture that was made - Broken Heart

1,000's of origami cranes hanging from the ceiling above the stairs.

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