Rainy day tests

It was another day at Sloan.  For 6+ years I've had appointments on the 5th floor of the outpatient center and was thinking I've never been on 1 side of the floor.  Totally forgot I had my nerve testing done there 5 years ago.  Today's adventure was uterine ultrasound. Fun!  

Started my morning with some minor flooding in my basement.  Didn't sleep well cuz of the rain and poor Winnie shaking 1/2 the night.  Guess these were all good distractions for the testing.  

Prior to the scan - required to drink 32 oz of water.  Awesome!  This was one of the longer scans I've had. Nothing worse than downing a bunch of water and having a tech press on your stomach to get images!  But made it thru.  

My awesome research nurse called me fairly promptly to let me know that things look fine.  Still think benign fibroid.  Will just keep an eye on things.  

Hope all have a great week!

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