Winter Olympics bound

A few years ago some good friends and I decided we should attend the summer Olympics in London!  That trip, I suppose, created a need for us to then experience the winter games in Russia in 2014!  While at those games, we got the great idea that we should attend the 2018 games in South Korea!  The games are so much fun to attend and cheer at and bonus - we get to cross another country off the list of visiting.  

Tonight while packing, I was noticing how my USA gear has grown! Adding a few new pieces all the time.  

As you can tell, proud to be an American! And yes, I do own a flag sweater.  

But I started thinking back to the other games I’ve attended.  A few months before the London games I found out that cancer had come back.  I was started on a drug Zelboraf to help shrink tumors and then move on to another treatment.  I remember telling my doc he better not cancel my travel plans!  Right before leaving I got decent scans (still had tumors but they were shrinking).  So I took off for London with my Zelboraf in hand. They were these HUGE horse pills that I had to take twice a day.  It was about this time I started to notice my hair falling out in clumps and had horrible sun sensitivity. That caught up with me while sitting out watching sand volleyball!  

The picture above was taken towards the end of our trip. My poor face felt like it was on fire.  But powered through and was so glad to have the experience with awesome friends!  

By the time Russian Olympics came around, I had finished Zelboraf, did 4 doses of Yervoy, had 8” of my small intestine cut out, and had moved on to a clinical trial for Keytruda.  Having great results but still taking treatment every 3 weeks.  They moved my treatment day up so I could fly to the games.  Yep, chemo treatment on a Tuesday, flying to Russia on a Wednesday.  This time with less pain and side effects but terrible fatigue.  

It’s nice this time around to know I’m heading to these games not on any type of medicine!  5 years of good scans!  Guess this is a long way of sharing not to give up!  Or let small (on rather large) bumps in the road slow you down!  Stay tuned for updates from the Olympic Adventure 3.0!  


Ps - sorry for any typos!  Updated from iPhone. 

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