World Cancer Day - Feb 4th

While some of you are focused on a big sporting event today, it’s important to also note it’s World Cancer Day: We Can, I Can.   Reminding folks to be the best advocate that you can be for your body!  Fight for what you think is best for you and not giving up on finding the best care.  After being diagnosed I met 3 different medical oncologists at 3 different hospitals. All while knowing I wanted to be cared for at Memoeial Sloan Kettering.  And I’m glad I fought for that opportunity.  I would have gotten great care at the other two hospitals, but I wouldn’t have had the access to the clinical trials.  

And while today is just 1 day reminding folks about the fights against cancer, a fellow molemate made an excellent point - if you’re a cancer patient, you don’t focus on this fight just one day a year.  It’s every day. 

So pay attention to your body, get things checked out that don’t feel right, and never give up!


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