Stand up to Cancer

Spending my Friday night watching the Stand Up to Cancer special.  I’m the face of someone who has benefited from research for cancer and fully know the importance of donations and research.  Many know my story - diagnosed with Nodular Melanoma in October 2010.  Was confirmed stage 3 at that time.  

A few months later in March 2011, they would confirm that melanoma had metastasized to my lungs and I was now stage 4.  I’m lucky at the time of my diagnosis there was lots of research going on.  We still have SO far to go!  But immunotherapy treatments have been amazing.  

May 2012 I’d have melanoma move again and show up in my small intestine and lymph nodes in my abdomen.  I’d start a targeted drug therapy called Zelboraf, then on to Yervoy, and finally in Jan 2013 I’d start a clinical trial at Sloan Kettering for the drug Keytruda.  Since Jan 2013 I’ve had nothing new or growing.  

Had I been diagnosed a few years earlier, my outcome probably would have been very different.  Here’s to living my bonus years!  Thankful continued cancer research!  

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