Still here πŸ˜‰

Ok, so I’m terrible about updating things here.  The good news, still here!  Had 6 month scans a few weeks back.  Still nothing new and nothing growing!  Was reminded (thanks Facebook memories) that 7 years ago today was when I found out Melanoma had spread to my small intestine.  My hemoglobin has dropped to 5.6 (which is basically 1/2 what it should normally be). I look back to the weeks leading up to that and wonder why I didn’t go in to the doctor sooner vs waiting for my scans.  

I remember standing up at my desk and everything going black, then it would reset and I’d be ok. My poor pulse racing and just being so exhausted.  Our bodies will give us clues when things aren’t right, just finding that balance between over reacting and checking things out can be tough. 

But have come a long way in the last seven years. It was a big step to finally go to 6 month scans and the doc and I talked about if/when I may ever get to yearly scans.   I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to that discussion.  Thoughts - next May will mark 5 years since I stopped treatment / clinical trial.  So, that’s what we’ll shoot for!  

Anyway, I share this as a reminder to wear your sunscreen, see your dermatologist yearly, and stay out of tanning beds.  

Sunscreen - every single day! A product from supergoop!  I do use this every day! (

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