When the Melanoma gal moves to the Beach

Hello folks!  So some know, others don’t, but lots of changes going on here these days! I decided after 9 years to pack up in NYC area and move south!  Stay tuned as the adventure begins.  I know what you’re all thinking, how can a melanoma survivor pick to live at the beach?  Well, it’s all about sun safety. Ok, 9 years ago when I was diagnosed, I was terrified of being exposed. But over time, we heal and we learn to adapt!

I will miss the hustle and bustle of NYC area, but I’m super excited to start more outdoor exploring again. And hey, being a block off the beach isn’t a bad place to be!


“I believe in the ocean curing all bad moods.

I believe in the waves wiping away worries.

I believe in seashells bringing good luck.

I believe in toes in the sand grounding my soul.”

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